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The Two Best Darts Betting Sites

As Christmas is soon approaching, so too is the biggest darts tournament of the year. It is one of Sky’s best performing sports and has a dedicated channel “Sky Sports Darts” for the World

Understanding online sports betting offers at

The Internet has grown quite a bit over the last decade. Where it wasn’t even accessible to most people earlier, now almost everybody can get easy access to the Internet. One of the industries

Extreme Sports and Sponsors

Many extreme sports require funds in order to be present at competitions around the world. Different companies usually support the best athletes in a sport. The funds are for relocating to the competition event

Similarities Between Betting and Extreme Sports

Researchers have found that there are similarities between extreme sports athletes and gamblers. Even if the world of diving, parachutes, poker or race horsing seem too much apart, they all are addicted to thrill

Poker as Extreme Sport

Poker has gained its place in the extreme sports ranking board, and you will find out soon why. The main objective of poker is to win money, some like to win and brag about

Astronauts Dive to Train for Space Mission

Astronauts dive in order to train for the imponderability. This state, of having no weight, can be experienced only in two ways on Earth: either underwater or in a reduced gravity aircraft. The first

The Diving Equipment

The diving equipment is made of a complex set of different accessories that let the human body feel comfortable, and more importantly survive in the hostile underwater environment. BCD is the buoyancy control device,

The Diving Applications

Scuba diving is a very versatile sport. It has applications in a wide variety of fields, starting with personal, recreational, scientific and up to military. Some even consider it extreme because of the many

The Diving Certification

In order to become a professional diver, even for leisure activities, one must get a diving license. The majority of the agencies require knowledge of physiology and the physics of diving, as the diving

Diving, an Extreme Sport

Some are excited about expensive champagne, others like jumping off a tall building. In the history of mankind, there have existed many ways to test nasty ways to die in the form of extreme