On this page, you will read all about the extreme sports, especially diving, its subtleties and its links and connections with industries very different, such as gambling.

Diving, this sport is considered as extreme because of the many dangers that await both the amateurs and the professionals. There is also a lot that depends on the diving location or branch.

The diving certification is available to any enthusiast who is interested in the sport and passes the test. The diving license can be obtained after practicing and learning a few notions, such as pressure, buoyancy, heat loss and light underwater. The trainees are tested both in physical and theoretical skills.

The diving application has a very broad spectrum. It starts with leisure, and it reaches the scientific and military fields. Each individual branch requires special training such as combat diving or swimming in case of the military. These are specialists who go for diving as their profession.

The diving equipment page explains all the equipments needed to protect the human body and make it feel comfortable in the hostile underwater environment. Astronauts dive to train for space mission too. Water is the only medium on Earth which can simulate the conditions of reduced gravity. This makes it a good training spot for the future astronauts.

Some might consider poker as extreme sports, especially when the game is played suspended 90 meters above the Pacific Ocean.

When comparing betting and extreme sports, you will read the findings of Professor Helga Myrseth, regarding the human psychology very interesting. Extreme sports and sponsors tackle the subject of large funds and athletes who need to take part in events to win for both sides.