Extreme Sports and Sponsors

extreme-sports-and-sponsorsMany extreme sports require funds in order to be present at competitions around the world. Different companies usually support the best athletes in a sport. The funds are for relocating to the competition event location, for the payment of transportation, accommodation, the acquisition of special equipment for the competition or the payment of the big registration fees. In addition, depending on the field of profession, some athletes might need to practice directly at the location, or in places with special equipments. Considering all these, it is easy to see the impossibility of a single person to support all of these huge costs.

Betsafe is one of these sponsors. Even if it has been launched as a sports betting site, which today offers poker and casino games, both online and land based, it sponsors sports athletes every year and helps them take part in famous competitions. It also regularly supports campaigns with sport themes. The sponsorship sometimes enables them to live broadcast the event directly on the Betsafe website. This type of agreement helps both the sports and its audience.

One such example is Jon Olsson, which took part on Gumball 3000, representing Team Betsafe. He is one of the best freestyle skiers in the world, top ski racer, awarded with 9 X Games medals throughout the years. He has become the Betsafe ambassador, while being sponsored each year to take part in the Rally.

There is a good side for the sponsor too. In this way, Betsafe gains visibility in the written and online media. These events are global, and the auditorium is international. Almost all the serious online gambling companies sponsor some kind of athletic competition nowadays. Sometimes, these companies also create a possibility to bet on these sports directly from their website. In this way, the company creates more awareness inside its gambling auditorium.


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