Poker as Extreme Sport

poker-as-extreme-sportPoker has gained its place in the extreme sports ranking board, and you will find out soon why. The main objective of poker is to win money, some like to win and brag about it, while others just play for the fun of it. Poker has become more than a game; it is like a mantra, or a religious chant, that is acknowledged to be true and never challenged. In reality, the majority of people do not play poker for money, they want to win, but the money is not the motivation that keeps them interested in the game. There are a few categories of people, who play this game for various reasons and feel motivated for different reasons. These might be:

The Professional Player

Maybe 1-2% of the people who play poker actually make a living out of the game. They do not have much fun in the game, as others, but after all, paying the rent or bringing food to the table is their concern. Even if it might seem easy, it is actually hard to play for a living.

The Fun Player

This type wants to have fun, but also make a little extra cash. He usually does not invest that much time in learning strategies, but in exchange they are competitive about it. They do not really care about the money, this being just a marker of success.

The Extreme Player

There are a few people in the world who like to challenge their card skills, endurance, ability and nerves. They are found taking part in Extreme Poker Tournaments. These events are held in different locations and under weird circumstances each year. One example is the tournament held in 2007 off the cliff of North Head. The players had to defy the laws of gravity, while suspended 90 meters above the Pacific Ocean.


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